Lord Shree Ram



Ram Rajya




Bhandare/Langer ki Aloo Ki Sabji 

                        Cooking time: 20 mins, Serves 2-4



3 table spoons cooking Oil

15-20 Methi Seeds

3/4 table spoon Dhaniya powder

teaspoon Haldi

teaspoon Lal Mirch

teaspoon Chopped Ginger

1 Cup Tomato Juice

1.5 cups Water

Salt to taste (1 teaspoon should be fine for normal consumption)

4 medium sized Boiled Potatoes, peeled and cut as follows:

          1 finely chopped

          1 Hand mashed

          1 Medium cut (sliced in 16 parts)

          1 large cut (sliced in 8 parts) 

Corriander leaves/Dhaniya for garnishing



Heat oil in sauce pan, put in methi seeds and as they turn brown put in dhaniya powder, haldi, lal mirch, and chopped ginger, mix them together. 


Put in the potatoes and mix well.  Let it cook for 10 minutes stirring occasionally on medium flame until the potatoes are well brown.


Pour in the tomato juice, and mix well, wait until the juice has dried to pulp, and then put in the water and mix. 


Place a lid on the pan and let it cook for about another 7 minutes.


Garnish with corriander leaves/ Dhaniya and serve hot.  Goes well with Puri/ Roti














                                                                           Lord Shree Ram

                                                                                Ram Rajya